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Loading Alt Accounts

Bringing alternative accounts to AFK in our base can boost our room to the Most Popular Rooms list in the navigator. Being on the Most Popular Rooms can contribute to more visitors and new recruits.

Loading alt accounts into base is not required for members to do, but it is highly recommended for our members to at least bring 1-2 alt accounts.

You can be rewarded for bringing alt accounts to base. Learn more about our alt program and how to get rewarded (page coming soon)

Step 1: Getting Started

Create a Habbo account for every alt. You will need to use a new email for these accounts. Instead of making a different, unique email for every alt, it is recommended to type a different number at the end. For example:

Step 2: Logging in with multiple accounts

The preferred and recommended browser to use is Google Chrome.

MultiLogin is a safe and simple to use Google Chrome extension that allows you to open multiple login sessions in one browser and one account. Quickly install the MultiLogin plugin from the Chrome Web Store below.

Once installed, the MultiLogin plugin can be accessed near your Chrome profile in the top right corner. Click on the plugin icon and click “New session” and sign in with your Habbo alt account.

For every alt you want to load, simply click “New session” again and go to Habbo to sign in with your alt while keeping the other tabs open.

Second method without MultiLogin

You can decide how many Google Chrome windows to open. Just remember that you can only fit 4 alternative accounts on each window. 

Once you log on to one of your alternative accounts, open a new tab and go to the Habbo website. It will automatically show your previous account logged in. All you have to do is simply log out and log on to your next alternative account. This will not log your previous session out.

After you have one chrome session filled, you can make a new Chrome profile and have another window on. This will enable you to start up another four alternative accounts the same way you previously did. 

To do this, click the icon on the top right of your Chrome session. On the list of settings, click “Add” to open another window using a different profile. 


You need to make sure to change your settings to not make your computer go to sleep after a certain amount of hours. If your computer goes to sleep, your accounts will automatically be disconnected. 

For Windows 10: Search at the bottom bar, “Change when the PC sleeps” and set it to never.
For Mac: Go to System Preferences, Energy Saver, and change the Computer sleep and Display sleep setting to Never.

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