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Alt Account Guide

As a Security+, you now have the privilege of bringing alternative accounts (ALTs) to our base, allowing us to increase our Room Population and gain a spot on the Most Popular Rooms list in the Navigator. This achievement brings numerous benefits, such as attracting more visitors and potential recruits to our base.

While it is not mandatory for Security+ to bring ALTs to our base, we strongly encourage each member to bring along 1-2 ALTs. By doing so, you become eligible for ALT Incentives, which offer rewards as a token of appreciation for bringing ALTs to our base for a certain set amount of time.

1. Creating and Registering Alt Accounts
Step 1: Creating new email accounts.

You will need to use a new email for these accounts. First, register different emails using your preferred platform (e.g. Google, Yahoo, etc.). Instead of making a different and unique email for every ALT, it is recommended to type a different number at the end. For example:

Step 2: Making a Habbo avatar.

After registering your emails, each email account you have created will be used to create new Habbo avatars. Please take note that EACH EMAIL should only correspond to ONE AVATAR for you to load ALTs properly. You cannot create 2+ Habbo avatars using one email and load them simultaneously.

Step 3: Registering your Alt Accounts.

Register your ALTs by filling out this form. Note that you must submit 1 form per 1 ALT, and you may register as many ALTs as you have. After that, open your new Habbo avatar and head into the base. Request for the Undercover badge for access by finding it on any ALT Tracker’s Habbo profile or on SS-Director’s. For your ALT form registration and badge to be reviewed faster, go to #general-requests channel in the SS Discord server and use the following format below:


Habbo Username:
Submitted Registration Form: Y/N
@Alt Trackers

2. Loading Alt Accounts

In order to load multiple accounts, you will have to download the Habbo Client launcher.

Step 1. Log in to your Undercover Habbo account.
Step 2. Click ‘Play’.
Step 3. Download the Habbo app by clicking ‘Download for Windows’ or ‘Download for Mac’.
Step 4. Click ‘Open’ and wait for it to finish installing.
Step 5. Once the Habbo Launcher has loaded, return to the Habbo website and copy the login code.

Step 6: Logout from the webpage once your account has been loaded and repeat steps 2 and 5 if you have more accounts.

Step 7. Log out from your Undercover account once it has loaded in-game. Repeat Steps 1, 2, 5, and 6 if you have more ALTs.

NOTE: You need to change your System Settings to not make your PC go to sleep after a certain amount of time. If your PC goes to sleep, your ALT/s will be automatically disconnected.

For Windows 10: In the search box on the bottom left, type ‘Change when the PC sleeps’ and set it to ‘Never’.

For Mac: Go to System Preferences, Energy Saver, and drag the slider all the way to the right and set it to ‘Never’.

3. Claiming Alt Incentives

Step 1. Load your ALTs to the base and earn ALT Incentives.

Loading ALTs is not a wasted effort! In addition to earning an extra 1c for loading ALTs  for 3 hours during every pay slot, you may also redeem ALT Incentives.

The maximum no. of hours you may redeem a day is 12 hours, which is equivalent to 60 points.
Reminder: The time resets daily at 12:00 AM GMT.

Step 2. Sending of proof in the SS Discord server.

Submit your ALT Incentive request in the #alt-incentives channel on the SS Discord server, take note that only a max. of 2 ALTs are allowed per request.

Include a clear screenshot showing:

(1) your ALT/s being in base,
(2) their Online Time, and;

(3) your PC’s current date & time.

When posting a ALT Incentive request, follow the format shown below:


Date & Time:
Main Account:
Undercover Account/s:
Overall OT:
Valid Proof (ALT/s in base, their OT/s, and PC’s date & time):
Disconnection Link:
Witness/es (At least 2 HRs/1 ALT Tracker/1 Foundation):
Shown below is a complete example of a ALT Incentive request:

Shown below is a complete example of a ALT Incentive request:

Step 3: Claiming of alt incentive points

You may check your accumulated ALT Incentive points here. The points can be converted into Habbo credits or promotions as shown on the table below.

Points Prizes
50 Points Single Promotion (Up to Trial OOA)
(Max 4 promotions per week)
(Request on discord)
100 Points a. Double Promotion (Up to Trial EM)
b. Single Promotion (Trial EM – Trial Leader)
(Max 4 promotions per week)
(Request on discord)
150 Points Payban Pass (Max 2 per week) /
Single Promotion (Trial Leader-PM)
(Max 4 promotions per week)
250 Points Pay Pass (Max 2 per week)
500 Points 5c (Max 1 per week)
650 Points 7c (Max 1 per week)
800 Points 10c (Max 1 per week)

To claim your reward, fill out this form. Take note that you may only claim once every week and it will be credited to your PatPay balance every Sunday after 9 AM GMT.

Every week, a spin of the wheel is conducted for those Security+ who have accumulated 100 points and above for loading their ALTs to base. Those who won the weekly spins will have a chance to be part of the final wheel spin at the end of the month for the 31d HC giveaway.

Additionally, if you introduce the ALT Incentive System to another Security+ and they have registered their ALT/s and put your Habbo username as referral, both of you will get 100 points each. Coordinate with a ALT Tracker to claim.

4. How to log Disconnected Alt for Pay and Alt Incentive

Step 1: Ensure that the online status is set to “OFFLINE” before submitting an Alternate Disconnection Request. Refer to the example provided below.

Step 2: Head to the Secret Service discord server. Under Requests, go to #disconnections channel. Copy and paste the format provided below, and make sure to follow it accordingly.

Main Account: 
Reason for Disconnection: 
Online Time (For each Alt/s): 
Witnesses of OT: 
Screenshot of DC Screen with date and time:
@alt trackers

Note: Tag at least TWO members who can act as witnesses to your ALT’s disconnection, and make sure they react to your post. These members should be at the base. Additionally, please remember to tag the ALT TRACKERS in your request.

Step 3: Please upload a screenshot of your ALT’s profile along with the timestamp from your computer or gadget. Refer to the example provided below.

Step 4: After you have submitted the disconnection request for your ALT, you may proceed to relogging into your ALTS.

Step 5: Once your witnesses and Alt Trackers have reacted to your request, it indicates that your request has been approved and verified.

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