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Pay & Bonus Guide

Registering to and using PatPay

This spreadsheet is used for logging credits that you’ve earned. Your available credit amount is listed next to your username in the spreadsheet.

Your username should be added to the spreadsheet as soon as you’ve completed Recruit training, but in the case that you’ve not been added, please use this form to request being added to the spreadsheet.


A pay queue is hosted 6 times a day at these times: 2AM, 6AM, 10AM, 2PM, 6PM, and 10PM. All times are in GMT.

The requirements for pay are as follows:

What count as a log for your pay request?

A valid pay request log can be any of these following logs:

  • Promotion log (You got promoted)
  • Promotion log (You promoted someone)
  • Training log (Recruit or Divisional Training)
  • 2 unsuccessful scouting logs
  • 1 successful scouting log
  • 1 Sold Rank (Financial Only)
  • 1 Transfer/Reinstatement Log (Internal Affairs/Ownership only)
  • 1 Fired Log (HR+ Only)

Please note that your log has to be “unused”, meaning that you cannot use the same log for multiple pays.
Example: You used a training log for 2PM pay. To match the log requirements for next pay you would need a new training log (or any other log).

How to request Pay?

To request pay, go to the #pay-requests channel in our Discord server.

If you cannot join the server because you’re Standard rank, please ask someone to file a pay request on your behalf.

Please follow this format. It is also pinned in the channel.

Username: (your username in Habbo)

Time: (GMT time zone)

Work: (Example: 1hr FTF + Promo Log)

Witnesses: (Tag 2 witnesses of your work that are HR or above. They need to react to your request for it to be valid. Tagging a Pay-logger counts as 2 witnesses.)

Pay/Promotion: (Pick one of them)

Cashing out: (Yes/No)

Alts: (List Habbo usernames of your alts for alt bonus, list “N/A” if not applicable)

Request Example:

Alt Bonus

The Alt Bonus incentivizes people to boost SS’s population by having alts stay in the base.

To claim the alt bonus, your alt accounts need to be in the base for at least 3 hours. This will add 1 extra credit when you claim your pay.

Cashing Out

If you have more than 10 credits in PatPay, you’re eligible for a cashout. Cashing out can only be done during a pay queue, and only in increments of 10 credits. To cash out, please specify it in your pay request.

You can check your balance at

Bonus Pay

Bonus Pay is a system designed to reward players that work for SS and actively fill stations. A variety of rewards can be earned through this system. This includes promotions, additional credits, or consumable passes.

How to earn points?

To start earning points, you need to be filling a station.

Each 5 minutes, a random user that is currently filling a station is teleported to the Bonus Pay compartment.

To continue, please double-click the elevator in the compartment.

If the elevator can’t be entered, Bonus Pay is being reset. If this happens, double-click the gate in the compartment. This will void your bonus points.

You will be teleported to the upper section of Bonus Pay lobby. It contains 4 elevators.

Pick one of the 4 elevators, you’ll be teleported to the Bonus Pay room. On the top is a leaderboard – if it has more than 15 usernames, please go back to the lobby and select a different elevator.

Once you’ve selected a suitable elevator, please note down which one you’ve used, as it’s recommended to always enter the same elevator each time you get selected for Bonus Pay.

Once in the Bonus Pay room, you should sit in the chair. This will teleport you to the second section of the room, and add 1 point to your name on the leaderboard. Each leaderboard point counts as 5 Bonus Points.

To exit Bonus Pay, enter the elevator in the second section of the Bonus Pay room, and then enter the central elevator in the lower section of the Bonus Pay lobby.

You will be teleported to the base. Please make sure to repeat this procedure each time you get teleported in order to maximize your Bonus Points.

Bonus Pay Rules
  1. Filling an eligible station for 5 minutes is required before being eligible for Bonus Pay. If you’re teleported before then, please use the gate in the compartment to void your Bonus Pay.
  2. Bonus Pay can only be claimed when there’s no ongoing maintenance in the Bonus Rooms. If the Bonus Pay elevator is inaccessible, maintenance is currently ongoing.
  3. Bonus Points are only credited at the end of each month.
  4. Unused Bonus Points transfer to other months.

The list of rewards and the corresponding point costs are listed in this spreadsheet.

This form is to be used for claiming Habbo credits and passes. For claiming promotions, please request in the Discord channel #bonus-pay-requests using the pinned format. 

There are 2 kinds of passes earnable through the Bonus Pay system:

Pay Pass: This allows you to claim credits from 1 pay queue, without the need to meet station filling requirements.

Payban Pass: This allows you to skip 1 payban period, which means that you can leave straight after the pay queue without the need to fill a station for 30 minutes.

Please check this spreadsheet to check your amount of remaining passes, and instructions on how to use them.

To convert your points to promotion you must request under: Bonus-Pay-Request using the format:

Current Rank:
Single or Double Promotion:
Number of points claimed:
@Pay Team Leadership

How to Log Disconnection of Main Account

Step 1: If you’re on mobile/on the Modern version of Habbo, just go to to get your Online Time (Last login). You may also directly go to{Habbo Username} to get your Online Time.

If you’re on the Classic version of Habbo and you have an alternative account—go to the ‘Friends’ window, search your Habbo, and take a screenshot of your ‘User Profile’, and then proceed to Step 4.

Step 2: Type in your Habbo username, select ‘FIND’, and wait until the page has loaded.

Step 3: Once finished, take a screenshot of the page along with the ‘Last access time:’ to show proof of your Online Time.

Step 4: Go to Secret Service Discord server > #disconnections. Attach the image of your disconnection by the following format below:

Habbo Username:
Reason for DC:
Witnessed by: @[1 High Rank+] & @[1 High Rank+]
Screenshot of Online Time:

Step 5: Once both High Rank+ have reacted to your post, you may log back in to Habbo.

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