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Promotion Guide


Check Boards

1. Click on the “Promotion Logs” on the home page of

2. Check member’s online time on their profile.

3. Search for the member’s username and check their last promotion time.

Promotion Requirements

1. Refer to the promotion policy.

2. Check the rank list to determine the division they belong to.

3. You must meet the required observation time & fill a station for (at least) 5 minutes.

Observation Time

1. Check the online time on your profile.

2. Your online time must match or exceed the required observation time.


1. Stand 1-2 tiles behind the member and call the ATT/Attention command.

2. Whisper their new rank and tag. Their motto must be correct before moving on.

3. Use the AE/At Ease command to let them go BTW.


1. Go to boards at or

2. Under the Add Logs section, click on “Promotion Logs.”

3. Fill out the name of the person promoted, their previous rank, their new rank, your rank and any comments if you’d like!

If you have any further questions about promoting, please feel free to approach the Help Desk!

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