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Safety Guide

How to keep your account safe on Habbo?

With all the recent hacking and mafia scams in Habbo, it’s important to know the signs of a potential scam/hack situation and the precautions to take to keep your account safe.

Online Safety

At SS we want to make sure our staff are safe at all times and we take online safety very seriously. If you ever feel uncomfortable or threatened by anyone please let an INV or iC member know straight away! We encourage our workers to make friends within SS and on Habbo but please take precautions. Here’s what we recommend to ensure that you’ll be safe & secure online:

  1. Never give your password out to anyone.
  2. Don’t give out any personal information online, including phone numbers, full name, etc. 
  3. Don’t go to any links that look suspicious. 
  4. Make sure your privacy settings are up to date.
  5. Be careful what you say and post online.

Take huge precautions when you do befriend people online, and get to know them before you decide to give them any more information about yourself. And again, if you ever feel uncomfortable please let someone know straight away.

  • Never use your Habbo login on any other sites. Example: Fansites, Radios,etc. 
  • Never give your Habbo account details to anyone, even people you know.
  • Habbo Staff will never ask for your password or private information.
  • Do not visit any scam links (such as habbo top ten)
  • Do not reuse the same emails/ passwords.
  • Change your password regularly. (Suggestion would be once a month)
Habbo Security Features – Account Safety Lock

The safety lock feature is created to keep your account safe so that only you can access it. By putting safety lock on, you are making it harder for hackers to get into your account.   

  • When someone tries to login from another computer they would have to answer a few questions (for example, your favorite cousin’s name, favorite vacation spot, etc).
  • Answering the questions incorrectly stops the user from accessing many of Habbo’s features, such as trading or changing your password.
How to set up Safety Lock

Go to the Habbo home page after logging into your account. Before going into the Hotel portion of Habbo, you’ll go through these steps:

Click Settings > Character Settings > Account Protection > Turn on Safety Lock

You will then be asked to select from a set of questions, from which you will need to pick two questions and provide answers for.

  • Make sure the questions you pick are questions only you know the answer to.
  • Do not share your answers with anyone.

Once you press Save, the safety lock feature will be activated.

Privacy Settings

​In your settings, if you click Privacy Settings, there are a few handy options to use. If you are being pestered by friend requests, ensure you uncheck the box to allow friend requestsYou should only accept friend requests from people you trust, and try not to accept random friend requests. Habbo also has the option to make your profile invisible,which means Habbo users cannot view your up-to-date Habbo information on various websites.

What is a mafia?

Mafias are known as the “crime families” of Habbo. They are the people who aim to maximize profits/credits within Habbo. Most common methods of profiting used by Mafias are casinos, hacking, scamming, coin grabbers, etc. It is important that you familiarize yourself with who they are if one approaches you. They can be recognized with this sign [!¡!♠!¡!] in their mottos and badges. It is crucial that you do not respond to players with badges or mottos carrying this sign and leave any room or badges created by them.

How to tackle in game & in base threats

Here are some things you can do to prevent getting hacked in-game:

  1. Turn on Habbo Safety Lock.
  2. Do not stay in contact with any potential mafia members.
  3. Do not click on suspicious links, and always check discord announcements for updates.
  4. Always check the links you go to before entering any information to make sure they’re legitimate (https is safer than http).

Actions to take if you see any potential hackers/scammers in base:

  1. Do not communicate with them (mute them if necessary).
  2. Do not accept any friend requests from them.
  3. Report them to Habbo if they threaten you in whisper/out loud.
  4. Report them to a Senior Staff member in SS (Mod+).
  5. Contact RR on the SS Discord server under #rr-request to remove the player from base.

You can play your part and keep the game and the base safe by taking such actions, preventing them from causing harm to the players around you and yourself in particular.

How do I report a user?

If a user is bullying/harassing you, asking for your password, etc. you may want to report the user. To do so, click the user and an arrow will appear with a small menu of options. Click ‘Report’, which brings up the ‘What’s going on?’ Here click the relevant parts of what the user has said, and click Continue.

Next choose the topic that best matches your problem. Each topic then has subsections of choices like trolling, bad behaviour, sexual content, sharing personal information, etc.

Tell us what happened.

After selecting from the subsections, you will get to this screen. With as much detail as possible, describe what happened. The more detailed the report is, the faster Habbo can help you with your problem.  

When you are done, press Continue. You will then be asked to submit the request. Habbo will then get back to you once they’ve evaluated the situation further.

Muting UsersHow to mute a user

To do this, click on them and click ‘Ignore’. After you do this, whatever they type in a room you will not be able to see, and they will not see what you have type either.

  1. Don’t go to any links you don’t know.
  2. Be careful with who you accept on Habbo and who you tell your personal information to.
  3. Report all mafia members/scamming sites to Habbo and/or SS Senior Staff members.
  4. Use the safety lock feature on Habbo to keep your account secure, and never share your passwords or other account information with anyone.

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