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Trading Pass Guide

In order to unlock your Trading Pass, you will need to complete and attain 7 Trading pass achievements that can be viewed while using the PC version of Habbo. You may have completed a number of achievements already, however, this guide will give a complete tutorial on how to acquire the necessary achievements. The list of achievements are as follows:

  • Tutorial
  • Noob Curiosity
  • Revisit
  • Friendly One
  • Room Raider Junior
  • Level Jumping
  • Nice to Meet

The Tutorial achievement requires you to occasionally head to your own room each day for 3 – 4 days and chat to the bot named Frank. Frank will also give you a few gifts from 48 hours HC to your very own pet.

Noob Curiosity

In order to attain the Noob Curiosity achievement, you must spend a minimum of 120 minutes playing Habbo Hotel. You will most likely have already acquired this achievement, but if not, patience is key.


To complete the revisit achievement, your Habbo account must be a minimum of 3 days old.

Friendly One

The Friendly One achievement is awarded for gifting a fellow Habbo star gems. This is done by either opening their profile or clicking on them, then clicking on ‘Give a gem’ twice. This will subtract one ducket for each time you gift a star gem, however you can gain these duckets back easily from your daily gift.

Room Raider Junior

Room Raider Junior requires you to visit at least 20 different public rooms aside from your own room. Using the Navigator, heading to any random open rooms works, and this achievement should be attained in no time.

Level Jumping

To achieve the Level Jumper achievement, you must reach level 6. The most efficient way to do this is by heading to an AFK Booster and letting your Habbo skateboard, jump on a trampoline, run on a treadmill, etc. for an amount of time. Any AFK Booster that has people in it will do, just search ‘AFK Booster’ in your Navigator and spend some time there.

Nice to Meet

The Nice to Meet achievement is acquired by having 2 friends in your friendlist. You may click on others or open their profile and click on ‘Ask to be a friend’ to send them a friend request, or accept any friend requests given to you by opening your friend list. You may also ask out loud in base for others to accept your friend request.

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