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Alternate Incentive System

Alternate Accounts help to boost the base population of our agency. To give appreciation to the members who take their time and efforts to maintain their ALTs in base, the following reward system is created. For every set of hours their ALTs are online in base, equivalent points are given which can be exchanged for Habbo credits and promotion. More information can be found here.

New features:

  • Secret Mayhem Period being added where alt will receive double points during that period.
  • Bonus points when members introduce this alt incentive system to a new member where both of them will receive 100 points each.
ALT OTEquivalent Points
1 hour Online Time5 points
Max number of OT is 12 hours
800 points7 credits or Single Promo (Up to Trial Leader)
850 points10 credits and Single Promo (Up to Prime Minister)
900 points15 credits and Double Promo (Up to Prime Minister)

Alternate Accounts must be registered to take part in the incentive system.

* You can alert the alt trackers after submitting the form for a faster review.

Fill in this form if you would like to claim your Alt Rewards

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