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Pay Request Guide

How to request pay on the SS Discord

Step 1: Go to the SS discord server

Find the Requests section in the #Pay-Requests channel under the “Requests” category.

Step 2: Follow the correct format pinned in the #pay-requests channel.
Username: Your habbo username
Time: Current time in Greenwich Mean Time
Work: (Pay Requirement filled*)
Witnesses: 2 HR+ / 1 Pay Assitant/ 1 Pay Host
Cashout: Yes/No

Logs you can use for pay:
– Promotion logs 
– Getting promoted 
– Training / Divisional Training Log 
– Scouting Logs (2 unsuccessful or 1 successful)
– Financial Log (for FA members)
– IA Log of Transfer/Reinstatement (for IA members)
– Disciplinary/Fired Logs

After posting your pay badge request, your tagged witness must react to it or it will be invalid.

Your pay badge is approved when the logger for that slot reacts with the Pay Badge logo on your request.

Your request for pay will be valid for the upcoming pay slot. After pay ended, all requests will be reset.

You will need to request for each pay slot you wish to take.

Pay times in the Secret Service:
2am/6am/10am/2pm/6pm/10pm GMT

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