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Following the Leadership and RC divisions comes the Moderator division. Members of the Moderator division are considered to be Senior Staff in the Secret Service. Trial Moderator promotions are done through observations made by MOD Leadership and in-Commands, and applications made by interested members who meet the requirements. Members ranked from Chief Justice to Room Control that have worked in SS for at least a month are eligible to delve into the Senior Staff life of the Secret Service.

Division Authority
  • Allowed To:
  • Fill the front, security, training, help desk and supervising stand
  • Scout for potential recruits
  • Train up to Leadership
  • Command, discipline and promote up to Governor General (Leadership)
  • Strike, demote and fire other members
  • Can directly fire Security+ in certain situations
  • Host in-base games
  • Colour chat rights, except RED
  • Wear non-uniform attire
  • Join eligible units
  • Enter base using gate
  • Hold Bonus pay/promo line with Ownership’s approval
  • Hire a Personal Assistant of your choice
  • Gain further insight on Secret Service operations
  • Host SS meetings

Moderator Duties

The Moderator Division is divided into three parts: Trial Moderator, Junior Moderator and Senior Moderator. Trial Moderators are given a number of in-base tasks each worth varying amounts of points. They are required to reach 100 points in a span of up to 4 weeks. Once they have reached the desired amount of points, Trial Mods will compile these tasks into a report for Mod Leadership, describing what they have achieved and learned throughout their time as a Moderator. Additionally, they are given one quiz one week into their phase to test their knowledge of in-base situations. They also have to do a one-on-one interview with their Mod Leader that will assess their knowledge and their approach when put in a certain situation and what they have learned throughout their Trial Moderator phase.

Junior Moderator must develop a group proposal that would enhance the welfare of the agency.

  • They must provide thoughtful proposal along with a well-considered topic, with the goal of truly resolving a problem in SS.

As a Junior MoD, you are required to be active both in unit(s) & in-base and engage in other SS activities.

Senior Moderator Roles and their Associated Units

  • Mod of Development: Development Team
  • Mod of Disciplinary: Internal Investigation Unit 
  • Mod of Events: Event Planners 
  • Mod of EA: External Affairs
  • Mod of Media: Social Affairs
  • Mod of Mentorship: Mentorship Program
  • Mod of IA: Internal Affairs

Based on the result of their in-base activity, quiz, interview, and unit activity, Mod Leadership will post their final grades detailing their feedback on the moderator’s performance. The passing grade for all Moderators is 75% at the end of their Moderator phase.

List of Trial Moderators:




List of Junior Moderators:





List of Senior Moderators:

Mod of __

Mod Leadership

As an Administrative Team, the MOD Leadership team consists of the Head of Mods, Assistant Head of Mods, and general Mod Leaders. These are composed of members ranked in the Supreme Command division and above. This team will be responsible for introducing new MODs to the division, answering any questions about the MOD phases, and ultimately determining grades for all Trial, Junior and Senior Moderators.

Acting Head of Mods

Assistant Head of Mods

Mod Leadership

Mod Leadership

Mod Leadership

Mod Leadership

Mod Leadership

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