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Following the Leadership and RC divisions comes the Moderator division. Members of the Moderator division are considered to be Senior Staff in the Secret Service. Each rank in MOD aims to develop the skills and experience necessary to become an in-Command member. MOD duties differ between every role as they each have their own concentration, with duties and responsibilities unique to that role.

MOD members are entitled to numerous perks, as listed below:

  • Colour Chat rights
  • Promote up to Governor General (Leadership)
  • Host or log Bonus Pay/Promo lines
  • Hire a Personal Assistant of your choice
  • Gain further insight on Secret Service operations

Senior Moderator

The Senior Moderator rank is more flexible in nature, and members are allowed to choose from 8 Senior Mod roles based on their interests. Each Senior Mod role is unique in their own way, paired with one of the Secret Service EU/AD’s. Senior MODs will have a month to complete the tasks fit to their assigned role, gaining more insight on how to lead a unit and the responsibilities that come with it. This is the last stage of the Moderator period that determines if Mods are fit and prepared to be part of the Supreme Command (4iC) division.

Mod of External Affairs

Mod of Internal Affairs

Mod of Events

Mod of Media

Mod of Development

Mod of Disciplinary

Junior Moderator

Junior Moderators are tasked with creating a proposal that is beneficial to the Secret Service, guided by their Mod Leaders, and to perform different base activities. Research is required through gaining feedback in a survey, interview, or feedback session. Presentation about their proposal is also conducted by the Junior Mods. Overall, for them to proceed to the next rank, they are assessed based on their proposal alongside their base activity performance, logs and unit activity.

Junior Mod

Junior Mod

Junior Mod

Trial Moderator

Trial Moderator promotions are done through the observation of the Mod Leadership and in-Commands. Members ranked from Chief Justice to Room Control that have worked in SS for over a month are the eligible ones to delve into the Senior Staff life of the Secret Service. 

Trial Moderators are given quizzes over the course of the month based on policies and in-base situations. By the end of the month, Trial MODs are interviewed by their MOD Leader about their experience and what they’ve learnt. Aside from the interview and quizzes, other aspects like base and unit activity will also be assessed to determine if they are worthy to rank up.

Trial Mod

Trial Mod

Trial Mod

Trial Mod

Trial Mod

Trial Mod

Trial Mod

Mod Leadership

As an Administrative Team, the MOD Leadership team consists of the Head of Mods, Assistant Head of Mods, and general Mod Leaders. These are composed of members ranked in the Supreme Command division and above.

Feedback from Previous Moderators

Chielleeee: My Time in the mod is fulfilling & fun. I learned many new things like my strengths and weaknesses.

Avesta_20: I had a great experience. I had the chance to expand, not just my knowledge about SS, but my skills at the same time. Which I think was more than beneficial.

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