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Secret Service Annual Awards 2022

Another year is coming to an end within the Secret Service, and we can all agree that this year wouldn’t be complete without the most anticipated event of the year: SS Annual Awards 2022 edition.

Like before, we have a huge list of both professional and funny awards, and we’d like to invite you to nominate your favorites!


Nominations: January 1 – 7
1st round of votings: January 8 – 14
2nd round of votings: January 15 – 22
3rd round of votings (final): January 23 – 30
Extra voting: January 31

Annual Awards Date: 1st February 2023 – 11 AM GMT

List of awards

SS Drama Queen 2022
She’s too dramatic! She might even get qualified as a theatre actress.

SS Drama King 2022
Oh boy.. He loves to get involved in all the dramas. He might replace William Shakespeare.

SS Flirtatious 2022
Hittin’ all the boys/girls up as what they are good at. Very Flirtatious.

SS Most Likely to get Fired 2022
Loves to create a mess.. What a naughty person!

SS Angel 2022
Oh my, my, my.. Such pure heart and soul in one human being.

SS Devil 2022
Hell no! The devil’s back.. Dem black heart with bad personalities. Tsk tsk..

SS Clown 2022
Hahahaha. What a jolly personality! I’m afraid you might take the role of Joker.

SS Moolah 2022
Wonder how they got so rich suddenly…

SS Golden Host 2022
A talent of hosting ain’t bad.

SS Staid 2022
Takes things too serious… Where the laughter?

SS Absolute Attendance 2022

Do they even have a life? They always here.

SS Helping Hand 2022
Need some help? Always there to help you.

Top 3 Most Hardworking JRs 2022 ( Security – DA)
Started from the bottom now we WHERE?!

Top 3 Most Hardworking IRs 2022 (OOA – RC)
One small step for man, and to a brighter future!

Top 3 Most Hardworking Senior Staffs 2022 (Trial Mod – Chief of Staff)
Who even plays Habbo at school/work?! These people surely are one..

Top 3 Most Hardworking Ownerships 2022
Who does Habbo work?! These people surely have no life…

SS Partners in Crime 2022
B99’s Scully & Hitchcock, can’t break them apart.. They are partners for life! 

SS Best Superior-PA Duo 2022
Like real brothers and sisters.. They are there for each other through thick and thin!

SS Trendsetter 2022
Damn.. What a lovely person to look at! Such a role model.

SS Weirdest Member 2022
Huh.. What are you even doing? I really don’t get you all the time.

SS Couple of the Year 2022
Romeo and Juliet.. Always there for each other in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish.

SS Trouble Team 2022
Always causing trouble. INV has never left their shoes.

SS Bestie 2022
Always there for each other, No wonder they never fights.

SS Duke 2022
Royalty runs through his blood. He will rule and take over the world!

SS Duchess 2022
Royalty runs through her blood. She will rule and take over the world!

SS Slacker 2022
How lazy is you?

SS Ally Member of the Year#1
One of us! One of us! One of us!

SS Ally Member of the Year#2
One of us! One of us! One of us!

SS Ally Member of the Year#3
One of us! One of us! One of us!

SS Favorite Special Visitor
Among Us!

Most Generous EU/AD/AT
Most Generous Unit 2022

Kindest EU/AD/AT
Most Kindest Unit of the Year 2022

Scariest EU/AD/AT
Most Scariest Unit of the Year 2022

Most Active EU/AD/AT
Most Active Unit of the Year 2022

Most Supportive Ally
Most Supportive Ally of the Year 2022

Friendliest Ally
Most Friendliest Ally of the Year 2022

Most Professional Ally
Most Professional Ally of the Year 2022

Funniest Ally
Most Funniest Ally of the Year 2022

Best Ally
Best Ally of the Year 2022

More Active Ally
It’s always a full house here.

Most Consistent Ally
Everything go so smooth and accurate here.

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