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Advertising Team

The Advertising Team is accepting new members
The rank requirement to join is Scouter+
Click here to apply
Social Affairs applications are closed at this time.

The Advertising Team is responsible for the advertising of the Secret Service with the goal to recruit people into the Secret Service. Advertising members are responsible for recruiting new people, improving the growth and development of the Secret Service. The members are tasked to communicate with the community through positive advertisements in the public areas.


  • Recruiting people to join the Secret Service
  • Helping people who were recruited in base
  • Guiding and teaching the Scouter Division


Overseer (1iC): Smallyien

The Overseer of Advertising Team is in charge of making sure this unit runs smoothly and ensuring that everyone completes their tasks and weekly requirements. He also keeps up with suggestions and feedback and works on implementing them in SS.

Leader (2iC): Vacant

The Leader of Advertising Team is responsible for making sure that everyone is on task. The Leadership member is there to help develop AT tasks for members to work on, as well as offer guidance and advice.

Control (3iC): Vacant

The Control of Advertising Team is in charge of assisting the workload of a Leader. She is also tasked to manage the members, ensuring that the members completed tasks given. She is to make recommendations to overseers on which members to be removed based on inactivities, incomplete tasks etc. She should be assisting the Overseer if the Leader wasn’t present and make the call.

AT Overseer

The AT Overseers assist AT Leadership with keeping track of the unit members’ activity within the unit. They are tasked with hosting monthly group scoutings and assigning Scouting Instructors to new Scouter members, as well as monitoring the Scouting Instructors who are scheduled to track the Scouter of The Month Incentive.

Scouting Instructor

The Scouting Instructor plays the role of teaching & instructing the Scouters in the Scouter Division about all the things that they should know about scouting. The designed program is expected to spread knowledge, build relationships between Scouters and High Ranks+ that will be their instructors, develop & improve the Scouter Division. Members are to find an instructor to guide them through scouting missions with the aim of bringing new recruits to the base. Select Scouting Instructors will also be rostered on each month to track the Scouter of The Month.

Requirements to Join

  • Must be in the Scouter Division or above.
  • Must be able to get along with different personalities and be able to adjust to new situations.
  • Must not only have people skills but also patience when dealing with people.

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