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Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs applications are closed at this time.
The Internal Affairs is accepting new members
The rank requirement to join is Executive Cabinet+
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The Internal Affairs unit is an Administrative Department in the Secret Service responsible for conducting Transfers, Reinstatements and Leave of Absence. Internal Affairs members are responsible for giving correct offers, providing transfer and reinstatement information for individuals interested in the Secret Service. They are also tasked to process applications, cancellations, and ending of Leave Of Absences. The Internal Affairs team serves as a significant part of the Secret Service due to the true first impression of the agency to potential new members.


  • IA is responsible for promoting transferring, as well as teaching leadership and independence skills to its members.
  • Courtesy, hospitality, as well as being open-minded and up-to-date on agencies paves the way to become an amazing IA member.
  • IA allows you to discuss ranks and gives experiences of other agencies and the way they work.


Ownership Overseer: Yueleah

Director (1iC): Vacant

The Director of Internal Affairs is in charge of making sure Internal Affairs runs smoothly. She ensures the whole Internal Affairs Team is doing their job, but their main focus is on the regular members. The Director keeps up with the transfer amounts and creates ratios, and makes sure we’re taking enough transfers in for Internal Affairs to be worth it.

Deputy Director (2iC): Vacant

The Deputy Director of Internal Affairs is responsible for the Internal Affairs members and guiding them throughout their Internal Affairs period. They are also responsible for checking on the Internal Affairs progress and helps with the day-to-day tasks.

Assistant Director (3iC): :-FAMI-: & patrickyourface

The Assistant Director of Internal Affairs ensures the unit is active and running at its finest. He is responsible for making sure activity checks and warning letters are distributed accordingly. He keep the unit updated with the latest information. He also help keep track of the transfers someone has and sends the information to the Director who processes it.

Internal Affairs Members

They are responsible for transferring new members into the Secret Service. They should have decent transferring skills, as well as proper grammar – some of the many things needed to attract members.

Trial Internal Affairs Members

They are responsible for learning the skills to transfer, reinstate andhandle Leave of Absence applications. At the end of their trial period, they are expected to independently be able to do transfers, reinstatements, or handle LOA applications.

Requirements to join

  • Must be in the Executive Cabinet or above (Board of Directors – Elite Leaders may apply with permission from Internal Affairs Leadership)
  • Must be active, professional, be approachable and have good communication skills
  • Good understanding of the Secret Service rank system
  • Able to commit for at least one month during the trial period
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