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Football Team

The Football Team is accepting new members.
The rank requirement to join is Security+.
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Football Team applications are closed at this time.

The Football Team is an Exclusive Unit that represents the Secret Service in multiple football leagues. Members of this unit are trained to play football matches against various agencies in Habbo. The Football team is built upon coordination, teamwork, and hard work put in by each and every player in the team. The Football Team is named Phantoms.


  • The Football team is all about coordination, teamwork, the ability to learn and adapt to the necessary skills to play in matches.
  • Ensuring that all players are treated with equal importance, regardless of their skillset or experience in the sport.
  • Being able to represent the agency in official league matches with great sportsmanship and a balanced mindset.


Overseer (1iC): Taeser

The Overseer of the Football Team is in charge of making sure the unit runs smoothly and efficiently. They supervise the team and ensure that all players are well-trained. They also handle the financial aspect of the team and ensure that the prizes are fairly distributed to all the players. They are responsible for signing up the team in various Habbo Football leagues, handling roasters, abiding by the league’s rules & regulations, and updating the team about it.

Leader (2iC): Vacant

The Leader of the Football Team works closely with the Overseer (1iC) in ensuring that all the players receive adequate training from experienced Trainers. She mainly focuses on scheduling league matches, friendly matches, and training sessions for the players to make sure that every player can attend them.

Control (3iC): Vacant

The Control of the Football Team is in charge of the football players. Their main objective is taking down the statistics and reports of each player in every match. They also make sure that all football players are active and can take part in any leagues. Furthermore, they will give Warning Letters to any inactive players in the team.


Phantoms is a senior football team consisting of experienced professional players who play in multiple agency leagues at a higher level of competitiveness.

Positions on the Field

Central Defensive Midfielder (CDM)

CDM, or a central defensive midfielder can very well be described as the heart of the game. They have to work tirelessly all around the pitch. It’s the defensive midfielders who work throughout the game to provide support to the defence as well as help the offence if need be.

Wingers (Left-winger & Right-winger)

A winger (LW/RW for short) is an attacking player who is stationed in a wide position near the touchlines. A winger’s main attribute is — speed, which is used to attack and dribble past the opponents. They play on either the left or right side of the field depending on their position.

Goalkeeper (GK)

Goalkeepers are known for having an almost instinctive ability to anticipate where to position themselves in order to effect a save. They can also assist the rest of the players by stepping out of the penalty box to pass the ball to their teammates. However, they cannot cross the touchline.

Cheer team

The Phantoms Cheer team consists of cheerleaders who come to support the team by chanting slogans or choreograph their dance formations to display during the half-time of matches. However, spamming during the game & excessive dancing is not allowed.


  • Must be in the Security Division or above.
  • Must be a member of SS for at least two weeks.
  • Must have some basic understanding of Football.
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