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Disciplinary Policy

The disciplinary policy serves as compulsory guidance for HRs+ faced with a situation where discipline must be issued.

Disciplinary action should always be reserved as a last resort.


  • All Ranks
    • Verbal Warning → Strike 1: Written Warning → Strike 2: Demotion → Strike 3: Fired
    • Each separate offense will remain and will not reset the disciplinary system.
    • Example: Someone gets a VW for wrongful promotion and WW for being disruptive in base.

In lieu individuals who had been fired, they will automatically be put into the Do Not Hire list and has a chance to be rehired if agreed upon the conditions.

  1. 1 Month Suspension.
  2. Approval from INV Representatives+ or Ownership+ members.
DivisionEligibility to Discipline
HR+Standard to Trainer
OOA+Standard to Diplomats
Room Control+Standard to Executive Cabinet
MOD & Supreme CommandStandard to Leadership
OwnershipStandard to Moderator


  1. You can only discipline a member that is 5 ranks below and must not be in the same division as yourself.
  2. You must get approval by Room Control+ before issuing a fire, demotion, or written warning.
  3. Room Control may only receive a strike from Supreme Command+, while Moderator+ may receive from Ownership+.
  4. You must provide screenshots and/or witnesses as evidence for the fire, demotion, or written warning.
  5. Room Control+ members are allowed to give permission to directly fire standard ranks whereas Mod+ can directly fire Security+ in certain situations.

Strike Removal

  • Each strike lasts for 14 days minimum, and should only be removed if behavior has improved.
  • Strikes are to be removed one by one. (x2 > x1 > 0 strikes)
  • Strikes can be removed by ranks according to the table below.
  • Strike removals require approval from Foundation or majority of Ownership. Approval can be sought by filling in the form.
Rank of Striked MemberRank of Strike Remover
Standard to MODSupreme Command to Foundation
Supreme CommandOwnership to Foundation

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