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The following are the rules and regulations that govern the Pay System of the Secret Service.

Section 1: General Pay Information

  1. The Secret Service pays 6 times daily precisely during these times: 2AM/PM, 6AM/PM and 10AM/PM GMT.
  2. The entire pay system utilizes a credit method wherein your pay will be credited under your name first, and once you reach the minimum balance of 10c, you can start cashing out in 10c increments.
  3. Pay requests are sent and accepted through our Discord server during each pay slot.
  4. To claim pay, you can only choose ONE of the pay requirements listed below. This means each work requirement is mutually exclusive and non-stackable.
Pay RequirementPay Amount
2 hours online time or  filling a station for 30 minutes1c
Filling a station for 45 minutes2c OR a promotion
Filling a station for 1 hour and 1 log*3c OR a promotion
*For the 2 hours online time requirement, the main account MUST be in-base the entire 2-hour period to be considered valid.
**(ANY) – Promotion Log, Getting Promoted, 2 Unsuccessful Scouting Logs/1 Successful Scouting Logs, Training Log, Division Training Log, Fired/Disciplinary Logs, Transfer Log, Reinstatement Log, and Financial Log.

Section 2: Pay Request

Section 2.1 Opening & Closing of Pay Requests

  1. Pay requests OPEN exactly 2 hours before each pay slot.
  2. An announcement will be given under the #pay-requests channel by the Pay Assistant once it is open. NEVERTHELESS, you can request at exactly 2 hours before pay in case the announcement is late.
  3. On the other hand, pay requests CLOSE exactly 5 minutes (:55)  before pay starts.
  4. Any pay requests sent after the :55 or after the Pay Assistant closes the pay requests will be INVALID.
  5. Pay takers are required to inform the Pay Assistant if they will EDIT their pay requests to avoid any confusion once pay starts.
  6. In case of dispute between the pay requested, ALL requests with an indication of EDITED will be used as evidence against you. This means that your original pay requests as noted by the Pay Assistant will be followed, and not your edited request.
  7. If you are not yet in the Discord server, head to the Help Desks to assist you in requesting pay.

Section 2.2 Work Requirement

  1. The work requirements under 2.1 are MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE. This means you can only choose one every pay slot.
  2. Each work requirement is only valid for a certain pay slot. (e.g. You worked from 3am-4am GMT, then this work requirement can only be claimed during the 6AM pay slot.)
  3. ONLY LOGS can be used in the next pay slot given that they are NOT:
  1. Used in the previous pay slots; AND
  2. The previous log is only within 24 hours. If it is beyond 24 hours, it will be considered expired.
  1. Claiming pay with a log requirement will render ALL LOGS used. (e.g. You got promoted twice during the 2AM GMT pay slot, if you claimed 3c pay, then BOTH LOGS will be deemed USED and INVALID for the next pay slot.)
  2. ONLY promotions up to Trial Leader of Leadership division will be honored for any promotions claimed during pay time.
  3. Filling stations during PAYBAN are not counted for work requirements.

Section 2.3 Pay Witnesses

  1. ONLY HR+ can be considered as a VALID witness for the pay requests. The witness/es must react 5 minutes before pay starts or your pay request will be INVALID.
  2. Minimum of 2 HR+ OR 1 Pay Host/Assistant are required to react to your pay request for it to be counted. 
  3. Each witness should also meet the corresponding ONLINE TIME of the pay requirements you are claiming for them to be VALID. (e.g. If you are claiming 2c pay, then the witness/es must also have 45 minutes online time.) The witness/es must also be IN BASE.
  4. HR+ are encouraged to exercise due care and honesty in reacting to someone else’s pay requests. If you have not observed them work, then don’t react.

Section 2.4 Alt Bonus Incentives

  1. On top of the general pay , a member can claim an additional 1c by loading their alts in base.
    1. To claim +1c, the alts loaded must have an aggregate online time of 3 hours BEFORE PAY STARTS. Maximum of 3 alts can be used in claiming this. (e.g. If you have 3 alts, Ed, Edd, & Eddy, then each of them must have 1 hour each to be valid.
    2. The alts are also required to be IN-BASE the whole duration and during pay line.
  2. Proper disconnection must be posted under #disconnection channel of our Discord server for it to be counted in case it got disconnected. NO DISCONNECTION POST, NO ADDITIONAL 1C.

Section 2.5 Discord Pay Request Format

NOTE: NO request on Discord, NO PAY.

Cashout: Yes/No
Pay/Promotion: (Only pick ONE)
Alts: (Write down the alts you are using, put N/A, if you have none)

       Example of Proper Pay Request Post

        Example of Cashout-only Request Post

Section 3: Collecting Pay & Payban Period

Section 3.1 SS Pay

  1. Members can register their account name via New Guy Form if it was not done during training.
  2. After registering successfully, they will be able to see how many credits they have accumulated over time at
  3. Should the amount accumulated reach exactly 100 credits on PatPay, the amount will AUTOMATICALLY reset to 0, and the 100 credits will be voided.

Section 3.2 Collecting Pay & Cashing Out

  1. Members must line up IN-BASE once SSPayer has announced for them to line up at exactly each pay slot. If you did not line up even if you have a valid request,  NO pay will be credited to your name.
  2. If there is an ongoing Habbo Maintenance, the pay line will immediately resume or begin once it is done.
  3. Make sure that payer called your name with the corresponding amount of pay (e.g. “patrickyourface 3c”)
  4. ALL cashouts are also done during the pay line. You can only cashout 10c each pay slot.
  5. Ensure that SSPayer has traded you the 10 coins before it goes offline. NOTE: You must have a minimum 10c balance BEFORE pay time to cashout. If you have 7c and you received 3c during the same pay line, you are NOT ALLOWED to cashout.

Section 3.3 Payban Period

  1. Once pay has concluded, all members who collected pay will be required to ACTIVELY fill a station for 30 minutes. Should a member who claimed pay does not fill a station for 30 minutes after pay concludes, they will be pay banned for the next 6 pays (24 hours).
  2. If a member got disconnected or froze out, they have 10 minutes to get back for them not to be paybanned. If a pay taker only came back after the payban period, then they will be automatically put into the pay banned list.
  3. Payban period will be paused if a Habbo Maintenance happens. Go back immediately once the maintenance is done to avoid getting pay banned. However, the payban period shall NOT go beyond the (:45) mark.
  4. AFK-ing or Idling for 10 minutes during pay ban will get you also into the pay banned list.
  5. Example scenarios of the 24-hour pay banned:

Pay banned on the 1st at 2AM > Resume collecting pay at 6AM on the 2nd
Pay banned on the 1st at 6AM > Resume collecting pay at 10AM on the 2nd
Pay banned on the 1st at 10AM > Resume collecting pay at 2PM on the 2nd
Pay banned on the 1st at 2PM > Resume collecting pay at 6PM on the 2nd
Pay banned on the 1st at 6PM > Resume collecting pay at 10PM on the 2nd
Pay banned on the 1st at 10PM > Resume collecting pay at 2AM on the 3rd.

Example Pay Timeframe:

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