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The following Pay Policy applies to all ranks within SS.
Current SS Pay Times : 2AM/PM, 6AM/PM and 10AM/PM GMT.

Section 1: General Pay Information

Section 1.1: Pay Conversion Brackets

To claim pay, you can only choose one of the pay requirements in the table below. This means you can’t stack your pay amounts when you meet two Pay Requirements. When you meet the requirements for Pay, send in your pay request in #pay-request channel on Discord. If you don’t have Discord, ask a HR+ or a member from the Pay Team to post the pay request for you.

Pay RequirementPay Amount
2 hours online time or  filling a station for 30 minutes1c
Filling a station for 45 minutes2c OR a promotion
Filling a station for 1 hour and 1 log*3c OR a promotion
*(any) – Promotion Log, Getting Promoted, 2 Unsuccessful Scouting Logs/1 Successful Scouting Logs, Training Log, Division Training Log, Fired/Disciplinary Logs, Transfer Log, Reinstatement Log, and Financial Log.

Note: For the 2 hours online time requirement, your main account must be online and in-base for your pay request to be valid. If your account disconnected, their Online Time must be posted in the #disconnection channel in the SS server on Discord.

Section 2: Pay Request

Section 2.1: Requesting for pay
  • When requesting for pay, you and the witness(es) you tagged MUST be online and In-Base. You will need at least either 2 High Rank+ members or 1 member of the Pay Assistant/Pay Host teams as your witnesses.
  • You can start posting your pay request 2 hours before pay time: 12AM/PM, 4AM/PM, and 8AM/PM GMT.
  • Only one of your pay requirements will be valid during one pay time. This means that you cannot stack your pay amount if you meet requirements for two pay brackets at once. For example: You can’t collect 4c when you have 2 hours of online time, fill a station for 1 hour and have a log.
  • The witness(es) must react to your posted request on Discord at least 5 minutes prior to the start of pay or it will be invalid. Make sure to TAG them on Discord so they can be notified.
  • If a member doesn’t have a Discord account, they must ask another HR+ or the assigned Pay Assistant to post a request on Discord on their behalf. No request on Discord means no pay.
  • To seek any Pay Assistants, tag them on discord or ask for assistance at the help desk.
  • Your posted request is required to be specific in regards to your work completed, or your pay request won’t be accepted. For example:  2 hours OT
  • When collecting pay, all logs after pay will become invalid for next pay. This means that you will need to attain new logs for your next pay request. For example: When you have 4 logs before pay starts and you’re taking pay, all 4 logs will be invalid to use for your next pay request even when they are still within 24 hours and unused. You need to get 1 new log for pay if you want to request for pay again.
  • You are not allowed to edit your pay request after pay requests are closed (:55).
  • Make sure to fill a station only between these times: after payban from previous pay time and 5 min before pay starts. Filling station outside those times does not count!
  • Only react under pay requests when you are certain u witnessed their work. If you haven’t seen them fill for an hour, don’t react. Even when you get tagged.
  • Pay loggers have the right to reject pay requests if they don’t meet requirements. If there are complaints about the pay loggers, please dm any of the pay iCs directly so we can sort it out.
Section 2.2: Discord Pay Request Format

Pay/Promotion: (Only pick ONE)
Alts: (Write down the alts you are using, put – if you have none)

Example of Proper Pay Request Post
Section 2.3: Pay Promotions

Members up to Trial Leader in the Leadership division can get promotions instead of pay if they choose to do so. The minimal requirement to receive a promotion during pay is filling a station for 45 minutes.

Section 3: Collecting Pay

Section 3.1: MyPay
  • Members are to register an account on the SS MyPay site. After registering successfully, they will be able to see how many credits they have accumulated over time.
  • Should the amount accumulated reach 100 credits on MyPay, the amount will AUTOMATICALLY reset to 0, and the 100 credits will be voided.
Section 3.2: Cashing Out
  • You will only be able to collect your pay in-game (cash out) once you have at least 10c in your MyPay account prior to pay.
  • Members can cashout their credits anytime during pay without pay request.

Note: If you have 6c before pay and 4c was just added into your MyPay account, you will not be eligible to cash out until the following paytime.

Section 3.3: Alt Bonus Incentives

Members that have Alternate Accounts with a sum of 3 hours Online Time before the start of pay are eligible for an extra 1c to be added to their current pay amount.

Note: The Alt(s) must be online and in-base when claiming the alt bonus pay. If alt(s) disconnected, their Online Time must be posted in the #disconnection channel in the SS server on Discord.

Section 3.4: Pay Ban

Once pay has concluded, all members who collected pay will be required to fill a station for 30 minutes. Should a member who claimed pay does not fill a station for 30 minutes after pay concludes, they will be pay banned for the next 6 pays (24 hours).

For example:
Pay banned on the 1st at 2AM > Resume collecting pay at 6AM on the 2nd

Pay banned on the 1st at 6AM > Resume collecting pay at 10AM on the 2nd
Pay banned on the 1st at 10AM > Resume collecting pay at 2PM on the 2nd
Pay banned on the 1st at 2PM > Resume collecting pay at 6PM on the 2nd
Pay banned on the 1st at 6PM > Resume collecting pay at 10PM on the 2nd
Pay banned on the 1st at 10PM > Resume collecting pay at 2AM on the 3rd.

Section 4: Bonus Pay

Section 4.1: Requesting for Bonus Pay

The Bonus Pay is a monthly bonus reward given to members who make exceptional efforts in base during the month. Based on the point system, you can earn Bonus Pay monthly given that you have earned enough points by the end of the month. With Bonus Pay, you can collect various rewards depending on the points you earned by the end of the week.

  • To earn points, members need to fill a station. Every 5 minutes, a member gets teleported to the point rewards room, and as they enter the teleport they need to sit down and wait for 30 seconds to add a point to the scoreboard. After that, they return back to base to fill a station and earn more points.
  • Points can be earned until the 28th of each month, Pay iCs will take screenshots of the points score boards.
  • The Bonus Pay can be claimed anytime as long as the points are added to the sheet. Points that are in the point rooms and not on the sheet can NOT be claimed. Promotion rewards will be given by a Pay iC in base or through Discord.
  • On the 30th /31st of the month after 12AM GMT, the point rooms will reset.
  • Members can collect the bonus pay without sending in their pay requests and don’t have to stay during the pay ban period. This doesn’t apply to members that are taking regular pay.
  • Bonus pay points can be carried over to the next month even when it’s not claimed.
Section 4.2: Bonus Pay Rewards
10 pointsSingle Promo (Up to OOA)
20 pointsDouble Promo (Up to Trial EM) OR
Single Promo (Trial EM – Trial Leader)
30 pointsPayban Pass (Max 3 per month) OR
Single Promo (Trial Leader – PM)
50 pointsPay Pass

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