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Social Affairs

The Social Affairs is accepting new members
The rank requirement to join is Scouter+
Click here to apply
Social Affairs applications are closed at this time.

The Social Affairs unit spreads news about the Secret Service through multiple advertising methods, from posting on social media platforms/forums, to in base messages, to our monthly Gazette Magazine.


  • Handle different Social Media Platforms
  • Spread news about the Secret Service through advertising on the social media platforms/forums/in base
  • Advertise fresh news and updates in and outside of Habbo


Overseer (1iC): howani

The Overseer of Social Affairs has the right to open apps and has the duty of keeping the Unit active. She is in charge of the External Relations and Scouting Program, creating the youtube schedule. For members to be updated from the videos made. She also has the right to issue warnings for them if a member has missed their schedule for more than twice.

Leader (2iC): merlynTheShmoop

The Leader of Social Affairs is in charge of Information Collecting and Graphics units. She creates monthly schedules for the SA Magazine, making sure that the information collectors and graphics members are doing their job. She also has the right to issue warnings for members if they have not completed their requirements more than twice.

Control (3iC): Vacant

The Control of Social Affairs is in charge of Public Relations, getting the team to update their portfolios on a weekly basis. She also makes sure that everyone is doing their job and has the right to issue warnings when portfolios have not been updated for more than two weeks.

Public Relations Team

The Public Relations Team are in charge of advertising and publishing anthuriums to make someone’s day better.

Graphics Team

The Graphics Team are tasked with creating amazing graphics for the Official SS social media accounts and SA’s monthly magazine. If the time comes, they can also create graphics for other units!

External Relations

The External Relations team are responsible for maintaining the Social Media channels of SS–Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. All channels are updated frequently for followers and subscribers to keep up with the updates of SS with fun and entertaining posts.

Information Collector

The Information Collector team is in charge of collecting information for the magazine by finding information or interviewing members and submitting via google docs.

Radio Team

The Radio Team brings members together through music, broadcasting for our SS members and allies. You also get to dance and sit in a cool booth. Our radio can be found from and radio team apps are open in

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