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Handling Trolls Guide

A guideline on Dealing with trolls in any online community can be frustrating, but it’s important to maintain a calm and professional demeanour, especially when handling situations involving the Secret Service on Habbo Client. Here’s a guide on how to handle trolls to receive bonus pay.

Non-SS Member Troll

Step 1: Stay calm and composed: Trolls thrive on eliciting emotional responses, so it’s crucial to remain calm and composed. Take a deep breath before responding to their provocations and avoid getting drawn into their negative behaviour.

Step 2: Ignore or mute the troll: Trolls often seek attention, so one effective approach is to ignore them completely. Refrain from responding to their messages or engaging in arguments. You can also use the mute or ignore feature available on Habbo Client to block their messages and prevent further interactions.

Step 3: Document evidence: It’s important to gather evidence of the troll’s behaviour to support your case when reporting them. Take screenshots or record conversations where the troll is engaging in disruptive or offensive behaviour. The evidence can be used to alert Room Right holder (RR) on the discord. It is also helpful for the moderation team to investigate and take appropriate action. 

Step 4: Report the troll: To ensure peace within the base, you may request for RR by tagging @RoomRight under #general-request. Make sure to provide the evidence so RR can take appropriate action. 

Step 5: Habbo Client typically provides a reporting system to deal with inappropriate behaviour. Use the reporting feature to notify the moderation team about the troll’s actions. Provide specific details, such as the troll’s username and the incidents that occurred. Reporting allows the appropriate authorities to take necessary action.

Step 6: Be patient: Resolving troll-related issues may take time. INV or Habbo Moderation team often receive numerous reports, and it might take a while for them to investigate and take action. Be patient and trust the process. Continue to document incidents and report any additional occurrences if necessary.

SS Member Troll

Step 1: Remain calm and composed: Trolls feed off emotional reactions, making it essential to stay composed. Take a moment to breathe deeply before responding to their provocations and avoid being pulled into their negative behavior.

Step 2: Engage with the Secret Service: If you see SS members with trolling behaviour, reach out to the INV members and inform them about the situation. Provide them with the evidence you’ve gathered and explain the impact the troll’s behaviour is having on the community. If none INV member present on the base, you may fill up the report form at

Step 3: Encourage a positive community: Focus on creating a positive atmosphere within the community by promoting respectful and inclusive behaviour. Support other users who may be victims of trolling and report any instances of harassment promptly. Encourage others to do the same and discourage retaliation or further engagement with trolls.

Remember, the Secret Service and the moderation team on Habbo Client are there to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all users. By staying calm, reporting incidents, and supporting a positive community, you can help address troll behaviour effectively.

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