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Development Team

The Development Team is accepting new members
The rank requirement to join is HR+
Click here to apply
DEV applications are closed at this time.

The Development Team is responsible for coming up with training scripts, guides & policies to resolve complex problems within the Secret Service. We are the behind-the-scenes unit that works together as a team to make a better place for everyone to enjoy. The Development Team facilitates problem solving and collaboration within the community. It is oriented towards trust, open communication, creative thinking, and connected teamwork.


  • Turning ideas into solutions through collaboration, communication, and creativity.
  • Respecting all opinions and promoting positive change.
  • Facilitating free expression of ideas and enabling members to create impact.


Ownership Overseer: Yueleah

Overseer (1iC): jolterbest

The Overseer of DEV is in charge of making sure the Development Team runs smoothly and efficiently. He ensures that the members perform their tasks and meet monthly requirements in a timely manner. The Overseer keeps up with the suggestions and feedback from other Secret Service members and works on developing the ideas and implementing them into the Secret Service.

Leader (2iC): Vacant

The Leader of DEV is responsible for making sure that everyone is on task. The Leader is there to assist the Overseer when needed. He helps in developing tasks for members to work on, as well as offer guidance and advice. The Leader also helps the OS with day-to-day tasks and steps in when they are unavailable.

Control (3iC): roj_ & :FAMI-:

The Control of DEV ensures the unit is active and operating smoothly. He is in charge of creating activity checks and making sure warning letters are distributed accordingly. He also keep the unit updated with the latest information. The Control assists both the Overseer and the Leader with tasks when needed.

DEV Editors

Editors are members who create & edit scripts, policies and guides to improve Secret Service & keeping Secret Service members updated.

Current Editor Leader: roj_

DEV Resource

Resource manages General Meetings to gather feedback from members to make the Secret Service a better agency. In addition, they host Informative Sessions relating to Policies so that members are well-versed with our SS policies.

Current Resource Leader: patrickyourface

Developer of the Month

Developer of the Month of September: Jizo

Jizo is a hardworking and motivated individual who has always been able to live up to our expectations as a DEV member. They have always fulfilled their quotas and never once has they failed to meet their quotas. We have awarded them as the DoTM for the month due to their dedication in the unit. They have surpassed our expectations with the work given as an Editor & Resoure member, therefore we have recognized their hard work and efforts.

Requirements to Join

  • Must be in the High Rank division or above
  • Constantly active in-base
  • Interest in making SS a better place for working in
  • Interest in updating scripts, writing session scripts, hosting sessions, etc.
  • Ability to work individually and in a team
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