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Personal Assistant

A PA needs to be capable of completely dealing with situations in the senior’s absence, and should be confident enough to commission work on their superior’s behalf. Maintaining confidentiality is a fundamental requirement for a PA. You should be calm and able to think on your own feet. You will be expected to follow instruction from your senior and your ability to understand those instructions with little or no follow-up will be appreciated by your senior.

PA Policy (For PAs)

  • You may ask to be a PA once, and you may be taken into consideration. If you keep asking, you will be disciplined.
  • You may refuse to be a PA if you think that you are not compatible with the superior.
  • You will assist your superior based on the tasks given by them. You do not gain any additional power as a PA.
  • You may not be involved in EUs and ADs that you are not a part of.
  • You may attend meetings on behalf of your superior provided that the host permits. It must be an official meeting and not EU/AD meeting or a MoD/iC meeting.
  • Your superior may terminate your service as a PA if they feel like your duties are not fulfilled. If your superior has retired, the PA title will be revoked.
  • Once a Personal Assistant reaches the same division as their superior, they no longer hold their PA title.
  • Founders Personal Assistants are rotational positions, a minimum of every 2 months.

PA’s Superior Policy (For the Superior)

  • You may not appoint a PA “just for fun” if you are able to handle everything by yourself.
  • If you are found to be abusing your PA, your privileges to appoint a PA will be stripped.
  • You may not promote your PA more than once a day if their rank is lower than Leadership to avoid cases such as favoritism.
  • Please ensure that your PA presents an exemplary attitude with the Rules & Code of Conduct as that will reflect your image as the superior.
  • You may not involve your PAs in any confidential matters that includes but is not limited to Senior Staff Discussions, and EU discussions that your PA is not a part of, unless permitted by the founders.
  • Please note that if you’re a newly promoted MOD, you will be placed on a 2 week trial period. During the duration of this time, you are not allowed to recruit a PA.
  • The following policy regarding Personal Assistants has to be followed. If not, the PA may be terminated from the PA rank, and the superior will face consequences accordingly.

The maximum rank of the staff that you may choose to be your PA will be adhered to based on the Guidelines stated below.

Rank of SuperiorEligibility of a Personal AssistantMax amount
FoundationCan be OOA+ to Ownership2
Ownership DivisionCan be HR+ to Supreme Command1
Supreme Command DivisionCan be HR+ to Moderator1
Moderator DivisionCan be HR+ to Leadership1

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