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External Affairs

External Affair member applications are closed at this time.

External Affairs maintains and seeks alliances with respective agencies while ensuring the interests of the Secret Service. They uphold the treaty and alliance agreements made by the leadership of both agencies.

In-Commands: Terroriquez, GenR., and IAmWill!

Top Foreign Delegate: Lily0916

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  • Fluent communication with alliances when visiting and helping with population
  • Recruiting and reviewing new alliances
  • Hosting and attending events which alliance members may attend
  • Handling allied organization or member’s queries and situations


Ownership Overseer: -Trixie28-

Director (1iC): Lily0916

The Director of EA seeks alliances, ensures the smoothness of everyday communications between allies, managing the National Punishment list, assigning representatives, and dealing with other external threats towards the Secret Service.

Deputy Director (2iC): Maong

The Deputy Director of EA assists the 1iC with managing the National Punishment list, ensuring smooth communication with allies, recruitment, assigning representatives, and representing the Director upon their absence.

Assistant Director (3iC): MonkeyxDLuffy

The Assistant Director of EA is a participant of decision making at the leadership level, management of this department and all of its duties, ensuring smooth communication with allies, and recruitment.


Representatives visit their assigned allied agency to maintain strong communication and relations. Representatives aid in the planning of events for the Secret Service and allied agencies, and ensure that the External Affairs teams of both agencies meet regularly. Full Representatives are called Earl/Countess. Trial Representatives are called Knight.

Representative of the Month

Representative of the Month of July:

Over the last month, this individual has shown outstanding work for the unit. He have demonstrated great work in the unit as a Representative through completing their given tasks on time, and outside through visiting our allies and participating in their events and making sure our presence is felt.

We believe they deserve this recognition for all their hard work and we expect a lot from this member in the future! Congratulations, Matt.

Past Representatives of the Month

September 2022

October 2022

November 2022

December 2022

February 2023

May 2023

March 2023

June 2023

April 2023

Requirements to Join

  • Must be in the Office of Administration division or above, however, all ranks will still be reviewed.
  • No recent disciplinary marks
  • Has professionalism, good communication skills and be approachable.

Alliance Requirements

The organization must:

  • Contain at least 1000 members in the main group badge.
  • Not harbour any member from the Secret Service’s National Punishment list.
  • Have a well-established External Affairs team that can create clear communications.
  • Not have an association with any mafia or group that breaks agency rules.
  • Have active headquarters and functional day-to-day operations.
  • Be operating for at least 3 months.


  • Federal Bureau of Investigation National White Color Crime Center (NW3C) owned by FBI-Premier
  • United States Defence Force owned by USDF_HQ
  • Special Weapons and Tactics owned by SWAT-Foundation
  • Interpol owned by INT-Foundation


  • Habbo Defence Agency owned by HDA-Mother

Report Form

Allies can use the form below to report a member of SS. All cases will be reviewed by EA iC’s and Foundation.

EA Distinguished Services

The EA Distinguished Services award is granted by the Foundation & Directors of EA for outstanding and unique services to the External Affairs unit.

Habbos rewarded with the Distinguished Services award

  • KnawThePumpkin.
  • andmandawaslike
  • cocainekid
  • sarahwew
  • Coolvimto
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