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White House: Presidential Inauguration

Editors: WilliamBenson & SS-Hypxes

On December 4th 2020, president-elect OllieSafe was sworn in as 37th president of the Habbo White House. His running mate Bicameralist (Curtis) was sworn in earlier that day as 57th vice president. This as a result of the election held prior which showed 47 voting in favour of the #Refresh campaign, whilst 13 voted against. To formalize the acceptance of OllieSafe as president, the Inauguration was held at the US Capitol Building.

To hand over the baton, the previous president and vice president addressed the crowd, sharing their experience and words of wisdom for the sake of the new executive heads. They brought out words of encouragement for the difficult times to come with the release of Habbo2020 on the horizon, a change that this administration will need to toughen out and deal with accordingly –a common theme throughout the addresses. A message of unification.

With these changes (many still to come), one of the first on the docket was that of a new cabinet under the wing of the new president and vice president. During a Rose Garden address the newly-inducted president, OllieSafe announced the new members of executive leadership (seen below). These are the members of the Executive Branch that will shape the future of WH in the times to come, and will be at the forefront of the transition to Habbo2020.

Chief of staff (3iC): Georgia8218

Deputy Chief of Staff (4iC): Superninja507

National Security Advisor (4iC): Avanzati

Director of Public Liaison (5iC): m:_:mz

White House Counsel (5iC): Justln.

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