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White House: State of Union

Editor: Coolvimto

On 21st of November, #Elevate President JustIn gave his final speech to WH and their allies. This is his final term for President and Vice President MeganHD101 as they will step down to their former ranks and continue onwards in WH. Mr President and Miss Vice President have great customs to SS and other allies even coming to visit and saying a quick “Hi”. Respectfully, we SS and the EA team appreciate what Justin and Megan have done during their terms, and wish them the best of luck moving forward.

Every two months, there is a speech on discussing what has changed in WH. The president discussed many topics in length and covered their terms and what they have done to implement it in WH. Here are what he talked about:


As Habbo 2020 is on the horizon, White House members are going strong as the future is uncertain. However, the President has expressed to be positive about the success they achieved as an organization for the last 10 years, and as a president for the last 4 months.

Positive Changes

President Justin mentioned a lot of the positive changes, as well as the major stances that were taken during his term, and it ranges from national security to branch independence, fiscal management, and recruitment and engagement, also mentioned how they weren’t easy changes to make, as the perception wasn’t as smooth as he would’ve liked at first, but he appreciates how these changes made the WH staff come together, and cooperate to come to these decisions for the better of the White House, he ended his statement about the positive changes, with mentioning how proud he is of what was achieved during his presidency and the 2 terms in office, and he can’t wait to see what the White House will offer going forward.

Pay Changes

There has been a significant change in pay for the staff in WH. There has been an “expansion” of the budget on using their Treasury Fund through discounting pixel rates convention. This is also including a new performance scheme.

Diplomatic Relations

Justin mentioned the two new alliances that were made during his term, with the Habbo Malacanang and the Ministry of Defense.
Also the introduction of the diplomatic missions as a way to support their allies, and organizations across the Habbo community.

DREAM: Education Centre

The finalization of DREAM; a dream to develop and reform education for all members, was one of the focal points of Justin’s speech, The White House Education Centre is now live and active, and is independently managed entirely by the branches and departments, providing educational access and material to all.

Department of Defense

The Department of State has worked tirelessly to keep WH safe from mafia, illegal warfare and troubles with anyone. As well there has been changes not from him but by others to keep WH safe and become a safe haven for all.

Overall, the White House has developed some improvements to both help the agency floor but for the people too. Though the future of WH is unsure, they will continue to be optimistic and support other allies as well.

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