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Scouting Guide

Important Notes

Valid Scouting Logs must include the following:

  • A screenshot of the conversation with a non-Secret Service member, wherein the scouter invites them to join the Secret Service.
  • The screenshot must include the recruit’s response, whether it’s a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’.
  • A screenshot of the recruit’s profile to serve as evidence that they are not working in any other agency.
  • Screenshots must include the device’s date and time (timestamp). This is to ensure that the old scouting logs will not be reused.
  • ALT accounts that are used for scouting must be registered and have the SS Undercover badge.
1. Location

1. Open the room navigation and select “All Rooms”

2. Select a room with a relatively high population

3. Never scout at militaries or agencies. This is called poaching and will lead to immediate disciplinary actions against you.

2. Communication
• Includes a conversation asking them to join the Secret Service and their response.
• Includes device’s date and time.
• Includes profile on the side. (Main profile is optional)

Take note: It does not have to be only one screenshot. You can compile your screenshots on image sharing website. (e.g.

Sample screenshot on the link below:
• Screenshot(s) do/es not include the device’s timestamp.
• The recruit’s response is not included in the screenshot.
• Does not include the device’s timestamp and profile.
Sample screenshot on the link below:

Screenshot the recruit’s response. All scouting logs must be logged, whether it’s a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.

3. Recruitment

1. Once you have a person interested, add them and ask them to follow you.

2. If possible, try to be the one to guide them through the joining process.

4. Logging

Refer to boards guide under the Scouting logs.

If you have any further questions about scouting, please feel free to approach the Help Desk or your Scouting Instructor!

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