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Scouting Guide

Secret Service Scouting Guide

1. Location

1. Open the room navigation and select “All Rooms”

2. Select a room with a relatively high population

3. Never scout at militaries or agencies. This is called poaching and will lead to immediate disciplinary actions against you.

2. Communication

1. Approach a person in the room and begin a conversation before asking them if they’d like to join SS. You can also add them and speak to them over private message if that makes you feel more comfortable.

2. Pitch talk about benefits of joining such as pay, friendships, games, giveaways,etc.

If they’re not interested in joining, you still log your scout

3. Recruitment

1. Once you have a person interested, add them and ask them to follow you.

2. If possible, try to be the one to guide them through the joining process.

4. Logging

Refer to boards guide under the Scouting logs.

If you have any further questions about scouting, please feel free to approach the Help Desk or your Scouting Instructor!

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