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#SaveHabbo. We will reopen on January 6, 2021 at 6:59pm EST

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Welcome Messages


Welcome to Secret Service | Pays 6 times daily | Transfer Open | 
Approach any front desk to join us! |
¥ Welcome to the Secret Service ¥ PAY 6x DAILY ¥ 
Head over to the front desk for assistance ¥
Welcome to SS » Join us today » Approach any front desk for assistance!
Welcome to SS™ ¬ Fast Promos ¬ Earn 1-4c each pay time ¬ 
Active and Friendly iCs ¬ ¥
µ Welcome to the Secret Service! µ 6x daily Pay µ 
Head over any front desk for a paying job!

Help Desk Welcome Messages

Hi! Welcome to the help desk! | How may I help you?
µ Need help with unlocking your trade pass? Head over here to find out how. µ
º Have questions/concerns and want it answered? Come to the help desk for 
your answers/information º

Scouting Messages

Join Secret Service ƒ Earn up to 4c each pay time ƒ Search for Secret Service! ƒ
Want to earn Habbo credits? | Join Secret Service today | Add me for 
more information |
º Want a job? New clothes? Meet new people? Join Secret Service! Add me 
for more information!

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