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Code of Conduct

Section 1: General Knowledge

Section 1.1: General Rules
  • Respect everyone regardless of rank, race, religion, or gender.
  • Do not harass members or guests.
  • Use common sense and courtesy.
  • Colored chat is not permitted when it is not NRW (No Rules Weekend), with the exception of MOD+ members, color chat rights holders, and Alexandrite members*. Red-colored chat is reserved for Foundation. Yellow chat is permitted for OOA+ members at FTSS.
  • Effects and dancing are not allowed. Though, dancing on weekends* and around the DJ booth when on-air is allowed.
  • Do not self-promote.
  • Do not have more than 1 account working in SS or any other agency/military in
    • You are allowed to have Alternative (ALT) Accounts working at the Secret Service. All ALT accounts have to be registered here in order to enter base.
    • ALTs are not allowed to receive promotions, use commands, or claim pay. A member is allowed to claim pay on an ALT if they are unable to on their main account by approaching a member of the Pay Team. For more information about Alternative Accounts.
  • Do not ask, hint, or beg for promotions or pay. If you believe you are due for a promotion, request for a high rank to observe you.
  • Do not abuse anyone with the power of your rank or authority.
  • Do not let anyone that does not have the correct Uniform, and Motto into HQ.
  • Refrain from going Away From Keyboard (AFK/idle mode) while working at a station.
  • Do not disrupt peace within allies, other agencies, or militaries.
  • Do not scam or be affiliated with scamming.
  • Do not be a part of or affiliated with mafias/malicious intent groups. Persons affiliated with mafia organizations can not be hired or affiliated with the Secret Service.
  • Only HR+ are allowed to use commands.
Section 1.2: Timezone
  • The Secret Service operates within the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) timezone.
  • Weekends are from Friday at 12:00 AM until Sunday at 11:59pm
Section 1.3: Badge, Uniform, Motto
  • Badge
    • Security+ are required to wear their respective division badges.
    • Members with SS Sponsor badge are allowed to wear them.
    • Badges will be removed as followed for members without Leave of Absence.
      • Security – Leadership: Last Login 60 Days ago
      • Mod+: Last Login 30 Days ago
  • Uniform
    • Standard Ranks and Security must wear the standard uniform.
    • Security division members may change the uniform’s color.
    • Scouter+ may wear any outfit, including accessories, purchasable clothing, and hats of their choice. A shirt and pants must be worn while in base.
    • Female staff may opt to wear pants instead of skirts.
  • Motto
    • Mottos must be in the standard format: [SS] Rank [Tag]. 
    • Trainers+ must have their promotion tag in their motto: [SS] Rank [Tag] [Your Tag]. 
    • Security+ members may add symbols and decorations to the end of their motto.
    • Unlimited decorations and symbols are allowed for Supreme Command+, so long as it isn’t inappropriate. 
    • Anyone with a pending badge after division promotion must have their motto as: [SS] Rank [Tag] [Your Tag] [AB]
Section 1.4: Personal Assistants
Sections 1.5: Exclusive Units and Administrative Units
  • Exclusive Units and Administrative Departments provide members an opportunity to gain experience and expertise. Learn more about what they do under units.
  • You are allowed to join as many units as you want, as long as you can manage the tasks given.
  • A person is only allowed to hold up to two Leadership roles in an EU, AD.*
  • A person is only allowed to serve as a 1iC role in an EU/AD, and one 2iC/3iC role. A person is allowed to serve as two 2iC or 3iC positions as well.*

*This does not apply to Administrative Team.

Section 2: General Systems

Section 2.1: Standard Ranks
  • Standard Ranks who have been inactive for more than 2 months will be retrained as a new recruits and will start from [SS] Trainee.
Section 2.2: Promotions
Section 2.3: Punishments
  • Refer to the Disciplinary System.
  • In severe instances, an individual or member can be placed on Ban on Sight/Do Not Hire.
Section 2.4: Pay
  • The Secret Service pays six times everyday at 2/6/10 AM/PM GMT
  • Every pay time, pay takers will be paid via a website called MyPay, and their credits will be added to their MyPay account.
  • Click here for more information about creating a MyPay Account.
  • Any remaining credits on MyPay from a member who leaves the Secret Service will be voided promptly.
  • Once pay takers have received payment, they are to fill a station for 30 mins after pay has ended, or they will be paybanned for the next 24 hours.
Section 2.5: Transfers
  • Internal Affairs and Ownership+ are responsible for managing transfers.
Section 2.6: Alliances
  • All members should respect allied guests and provide discretion to them.
  • Only members of External Affairs (EA) are allowed to handle alliances.
  • Handling alliance related cases without being in EA will result in disciplinary action.
  • Allies are allowed to join the ‘SS Alliance ID’ badge which grants access into our headquarters.
  • Visiting allies should wear the ‘SS Alliance ID’ badge at all times within the SS headquarters.
  • An individual may be placed on an inter-agency National Punishment list by an allied organization that prohibits that individual from joining the Secret Service. Our National Punishment list can be found here.
Section 2.7: Visitors
  • Special Visitors must wear the SV badge when inside of our base.
  • Allied members may either wear their alliance badge or their ranking badge.
  • VIP/SV access can be purchased via Financial members.
Section 2.8: Meetings
  • Members who are Leadership+ may only host meetings.
  • Respect the host and those in attendance at the meeting.
  • Remain silent during the meeting unless otherwise specified by the host.
  • To comment, wave constantly until called on by the host.
  • When speaking, do not use excessive caps or colored chat.

Section 3: Special Privileges

Section 3.1: Room Rights
  • Room Rights cannot be purchased.
  • The Foundation has discretion on who to distribute Room Rights to.
  • Room Right holders are confidential.
  • Room Right holders must:
    • Provide a warning before kicking a person unless on Ban on Sight.
    • Provide a warning before muting a person. Muting should be used for users being rude, abusive, using colored chat, trolling, raiding, spamming, etc.
      • 2nd action: If the person persists, then mute the user for 2 minutes and inform, and warn them.
      • 3rd action: If the person continues with their actions after a 2 minute mute, then mute the user for 10 minutes and inform, and warn them.
      • Relentless misbehavior leads to the user getting kicked.
    • Resort to banning a user for extreme cases only.
      • Ban anyone on the Ban on Sight list.
      • If a person has failed to follow numerous warnings and previous room moderation actions, then the RR holder should proceed with an hour ban.
      • Refrain from banning a person permanently unless permission is received or directed by the Foundation.
    • Abuse of Room Rights will be investigated and should be reported to the Foundation.
Section 3.2: Badge Administrators
  • Admin rights, denoted by a yellow star on the badge’s members lists, to official badges are given based on the Foundation’s discretion.
Section 3.3: Rank Purchases & Financial
  • If selling ranks without authorization, you are subject to termination. 
  • Only buy from Financial members. They can only sell ranks, sponsorships, or perks.
  • Rank purchases are not refundable.
  • By buying a rank, you accept the responsibilities, tasks, and policies associated with that division.

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