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Code of Conduct

Section 1: General Knowledge

Section 1.1: General Rules
  • Respect everyone regardless of rank, race, religion, or gender.
  • Do not harass members or guests.
  • Use common sense and courtesy.
  • Speaking English is not mandatory at all times. However, you are required to use English if someone requests assistance or participates in English.
  • Colored chat are allowed during NRW only (No Rules Weekend), with the exception of MOD+ members, color chat rights holders, and Alexandrite members. Red-colored chat is reserved for Foundation. Yellow chat is permitted for OOA+ members at FTSS. RC are able to use grey chat.
  • Effects and dancing are not allowed. Though, dancing on weekends and around the DJ booth when on-air is allowed.
  • Do not self-promote.
  • Do not have more than 1 account working in SS or any other agency/military in
    • You are allowed to have Alternative (ALT) Accounts working at the Secret Service. All ALT accounts have to be registered here in order to enter base.
    • ALTs are not allowed to receive promotions, use commands, or claim pay. A member is allowed to claim pay on an ALT if they are unable to on their main account by approaching a member of the Pay Team. For more information about Alternative Accounts.
    • You are not allowed to share your alt account with someone either. Only the name registered for the alt can use it and claims alt points.
  • Inappropriate or offensive usernames are prohibited. If your username is deemed as such, you will have to change it or use a new account.
  • Do not ask, hint, or beg for promotions or pay. If you believe you are due for a promotion, request for a high rank to observe you or post on discord in #Promo-Observation-Requests.
  • Do not abuse anyone with the power of your rank or authority.
  • Do not let anyone that does not have the correct Uniform, and Motto into HQ.
  • Refrain from going Away From Keyboard (AFK/idle mode) while working at a station.
  • Do not disrupt peace within allies, other agencies, or militaries.
  • Do not scam or be affiliated with scamming.
  • Do not be a part of or affiliated with mafias/malicious intent groups. Persons affiliated with mafia organizations can not be hired or affiliated with the Secret Service.
  • Only HR+ are allowed to use commands.
Section 1.2: Timezone
  • The Secret Service operates within the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) timezone.
  • Weekends are from Friday at 12:00 AM until Sunday at 11:59pm
Section 1.3: Badge, Uniform, Motto
  • Badge
    • Security+ are required to wear their respective division badges.
    • Members with SS Sponsor badge are allowed to wear them.
    • Badges will be removed as followed for members without Leave of Absence.
      • Security – Leadership: Last Login 60 Days ago
      • Mod+: Last Login 30 Days ago
  • Uniform
    • Standard and Security-ranked members must wear the standard uniform.
    • Standard and Security-ranked staff are prohibited from modifying their uniform. (ex. changing shirt/shoes)
Standard Uniform

∘ Female Standard and Security-ranked staff may opt to wear pants and shoes instead of the standard pencil skirt and high heels.
∘ Female Standard and Security-ranked staff wearing pants must also wear a belt.

Female Staff Optional Uniform

∘ Security-ranked members can change the color of their standard uniform but must not add any accessories except hats.
∘ Scouter+ ranked staff are allowed to wear any outfit, as long as it is not deemed inappropriate. Please refer to Section 1.4: Clothing Policy for more information about inappropriate clothing.

  • Motto
    • Mottos must be in the standard format: [SS] Rank [Tag]. 
    • Trainers+ must have their promotion tag in their motto: [SS] Rank [Tag] [Your Tag]. 
    • Security+ members may add symbols and decorations to the end of their motto.
    • Unlimited decorations and symbols are allowed for Supreme Command+, so long as it isn’t inappropriate or confusing (i.e. Fake Rank).
    • Anyone with a pending badge after division promotion must have their motto as: [SS] Rank [Tag] [Your Tag] [AB]
Section 1.4: Clothing Policy

Section 1.4.1: Clothing Policy (Member)

∘ Shirts, blouses, or tops must be worn in addition to trousers, skirts, or shorts. These should cover at least 50% of the body.
∘ All members are prohibited from wearing clothes that are not suitable for the agency environment. This includes clothing that is excessively revealing, provocative, offensive, or disruptive to the professional atmosphere of the agency.
∘ All members are allowed to use clothing colors that are the same as their skin tones. This rule promotes inclusivity and allows individuals to express their personal style while maintaining a professional appearance. However, it is important to note that the representation of nudity through the use of shirts, trousers, belts, or any other clothing item is not permitted.


∘ The use of any form of body towel wrap is strictly forbidden.



Banned Tops

∘ Any bra without straps is prohibited if topped with an open-front blazer. Choose a button-on jacket or an apron to cover most of the trunk.
∘ A combination of banned tops and banned bottoms is strictly forbidden.
∘ Bras with straps are only allowed if paired with high-waisted pants or skirts, as long as they cover most of the torso. 

Cannot be partnered with high-waisted skirts/pants or topped with an open-front blazer.

Banned Bottoms

  • Banned bottoms are generally prohibited unless any type of long shirt, dress, or jacket covers the lower part and extends at least to the knees.

Banned Tops

  • The clothing attire needs to encompass approximately half of the body, but excessive exposure of the torso is prohibited.
  • Banned tops are strictly not allowed unless a jacket is worn to completely cover the top.

Banned Bottoms

  • Bottoms that are prohibited are generally not allowed unless they are covered by a long shirt or jacket that extends down to the knees or beyond.

Banned Purchasable Clothing


Cannot be partnered with high-waisted skirts/pants or topped with an open-front blazer.
Cannot be partnered with high-waisted skirts/pants or topped with an open-front blazer.


  • List of wearables that are not allowed without a shirt.

Section 1.4.2: Clothing Policy (Visitor)

Visitors are generally welcome to wear clothes according to their personal preferences when visiting the Secret Service. However, it’s important to note that there are certain standards and guidelines to maintain a respectful and appropriate environment for everyone.
∘ Visitors must not be seen as naked or dressed as naked. It is important to note that being shirtless is generally not permitted. 
∘ Visitors are advised not to wear any clothing styles that promote discrimination, disrespect, or harm towards individuals of certain groups.
If you have any confusion, feel free to consult INV members for assistance.

Sections 1.5: Exclusive Units and Administrative Units
  • Exclusive Units and Administrative Departments provide members an opportunity to gain experience and expertise. Learn more about what they do under units.
  • You are allowed to join as many units as you want, as long as you can manage the tasks given.
  • A person is only allowed to hold up to two Leadership roles in an EU, AD.*
  • A person is only allowed to serve as a 1iC role in an EU/AD, and one 2iC/3iC role. A person is allowed to serve as two 2iC or 3iC positions as well.*

*This does not apply to Administrative Team.

Section 2: General Systems

Section 2.1: Standard Ranks
  • Standard Ranks who have been inactive for more than 2 months will be retrained as a new recruits and will start from [SS] Trainee.
Section 2.2: Promotions
Section 2.3: Punishments
  • Refer to the Disciplinary System.
  • In severe instances, an individual or member can be placed on Ban on Sight/Do Not Hire.
Section 2.4: Pay
  • The Secret Service pays six times daily at 2/6/10 AM/PM GMT
  • Pay amounts differ from 1 to 3c for each paytime and additional 1c for loading Alts in base. Members of the Secret Service can request for a promotion instead of pay.
  • Every pay time, pay takers’ credits will be added to their PatPay.
  • Once pay/promo takers have received their payment/promo, they are to fill a station for 30 mins after pay time has ended, or they will be paybanned for the next 24 hours.
  • Refer to the Pay Policy for more detailed information.
Section 2.5: Transfers
  • Internal Affairs and Ownership+ are responsible for managing transfers.
Section 2.6: Alliances
  • All members should respect allied guests and provide discretion to them.
  • Only members of External Affairs (EA) are allowed to handle alliances.
  • Handling alliance related cases without being in EA will result in disciplinary action.
  • Allies who visits are allowed to wear their own ranking badge when in SS base instead of the Ally Badge.
  • An individual may be placed on an inter-agency National Punishment list by an allied organization that prohibits that individual from joining the Secret Service. Our National Punishment list can be found here.
Section 2.7: Visitors
  • Special Visitors must wear the SV badge when inside of our base.
  • Allied members may either wear their alliance badge or their ranking badge.
  • VIP/SV access can be purchased via Financial members.
    *SV is subject to removal if deemed appropriate by SS Ownership+
Section 2.8: Meetings
  • Only Leadership+ & DEV members are allowed to host meetings.
  • Respect the host and those in attendance at the meeting.
  • Remain silent during the meeting unless otherwise specified by the host.
  • To comment, wave constantly until called on by the host.
  • When speaking, do not use excessive caps or colored chat.

Section 3: Special Privileges

Section 3.1: Room Rights
  • Room Rights cannot be purchased.
  • The Foundation has discretion on who to distribute Room Rights to.
  • RR Holder can be reached through the Secret Service discord under the channel rr-request by tagging @Room Rights.
  • Room Right holders must:
    • Provide a warning before kicking a person unless on Ban on Sight.
    • Provide a warning before muting a person. Muting should be used for users being rude, abusive, using colored chat, trolling, raiding, spamming, etc.
      • 2nd action: If the person persists, then mute the user for 2 minutes and inform, and warn them.
      • 3rd action: If the person continues with their actions after a 2 minute mute, then mute the user for 10 minutes and inform, and warn them.
      • Relentless misbehavior leads to the user getting kicked.
    • Resort to banning a user for extreme cases only.
      • Ban anyone on the Ban on Sight list.
      • If a person has failed to follow numerous warnings and previous room moderation actions, then the RR holder should proceed with an hour ban.
      • Refrain from banning a person permanently unless permission is received or directed by the Foundation.
    • Abuse of Room Rights will be investigated and should be reported to the Foundation.
Section 3.2: Badge Administrators
  • Admin rights, denoted by a yellow star on the badge’s members lists, to official badges are given based on the Foundation’s discretion.
Section 3.3: Rank Purchases & Financial
  • If selling ranks without authorization, you will be subjected to termination.
  • Only buy from Financial members. Only they can sell ranks, sponsorships, or perks.
  • Rank purchases are not refundable.
  • By buying a rank, you accept the responsibilities, tasks, and policies associated with that division.

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