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Retirement Policy

How does the system work?

The Retirement policy guarantees the first rank of the division the retiree was in if they wish to return to the Secret Service after retirement.

Applying for a Retirement

If you are a Supreme Command or above and intend to retire, you must fill out the form provided below. You may contact messedreality or any foundation members through Discord to view your request and/or for more information.

Important Information:

  • Only SC+ can send resignation letters.
  • Ranks below SC will not be granted.
  • Resignation letters must be submitted 10 days prior to the retirement date.
  • Resignation letters sent after retirement will not be accepted.
  • Plotting/joining any other agency will result in the loss of your retired badge.
  • Retirement can only be granted with the approval of Foundation.
  • If you are a Trial rank, you will be reinstated with the first rank of the division below the one you left from, excluding Trial SC and Trial Owner.
  • If you retire twice and choose to return, you will be reinstated with the first rank of the division you retired from.
  • If you are in any Exclusive Units, Administrative Departments or Administrative Teams, you will not be reinstated as a member of that EU/AD/AT.
  • The [SS] Retired badge will act as a Special Visitors pass to access the HQ.
  • If you have not been contacted after your retirement date, contact messedreality or any Foundation members.
  • If you propose to return to the Secret Service after retirement, you will need to contact the Foundation for an interview​.
  • If you can continuously go online for multiple weeks, you are not recommended to retire.

Note: It is not compulsory to send in a resignation letter if you wish to retire. This system is only for members that decide to leave for a long period of time and we give the offer by giving an alternative to return to the Secret Service without throwing everything away.

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