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Internal Investigation Unit

The Internal Investigation Unit is accepting new members.
You can express your interest in becoming a part of INV by filling in the form below. INV Leadership will be conducting interviews with selected individuals.
The rank requirement to join is OS+
Click here to fill in the interest form
INV applications are closed at this time.

The Internal Investigations Unit deals with any internal issues within SS. Their members are responsible for investigations throughout SS ranging from different types of offences, which includes breaking of rules, wrongful promotion or disciplinary, double-jobbing, etc. It is also within INV’s scope of work to track and record disciplinary and fired logs, making sure that they are done properly and according to the Disciplinary Policy. Feedback on policies are also gathered to adjust for present and future situations.


  • Monitor and investigate any problems in base.
  • Ensuring that SS members are disciplined fairly.
  • Amending the policies of SS.
  • Preventing staff from taking advantage of the agency’s systems.
  • Making appropriate disciplinary judgement.
  • Encouraging and informing SS members about the different policies.


Ownership Overseer: .EL-

Overseer (1iC): Vacant

The Overseer of INV manages the direction of the EU as well as all of the members in the unit. The vision of the unit is to be set in accordance with the benefit of SS itself. The Overseer aspires and aims to motivate members to contribute to the unit, in turn contributing to SS as a whole. Continuous improvement and the efficiency of the unit is expected from the Overseer.

Leader (2iC): D3athB1ad3_Alts

The Leader of INV manages the members, ensuring that they can handle the tasks given to them. They assist the Overseer when necessary and are able to make timely decisions when required. They are given the responsibility to make their own decisions for the benefit of the team and are expected to not wholly rely on the Overseer all the time.

Control (3iC): SM9

The Control of INV assists the workload of the Leader. They are also tasked with managing the members, ensuring that the members have completed tasks given. They are the one to make recommendations to their co-iC’s on which members to be removed based on inactivity, incomplete tasks etc. They will step in and assist the Overseer if the Leader isn’t present to make the call.

Rules and Regulations

  • All members are expected to be following INV rules at all times, this will be further amended as time goes by.
  • INV members are required to have a clean record. If it is found out that they are involved in any type of offence, they will, without a doubt, be removed and disciplined accordingly.
  • INV members must have the initiative to update themselves on any announcements that concern changes in operations.
  • Information regarding the intel collected is strictly confidential and isn’t allowed to be leaked or repeated to non-INV members, unless consulting a higher rank.
  • Any discussions in the INV Official Discord server is also considered confidential as well.

Requirements to Join

  • Must be in the Operational Staff division or above
  • Clean disciplinary records
  • Thinks critically
  • Values confidentiality, fairness, and professionalism

INV Report Form

If you see someone breaking rules, you can use the form below to report the person. All cases are given to INV to investigate and are confidential.

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