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Events Planners

The Events Planners are accepting new members
The rank requirement to join is Scouter+
Click here to apply
Event Planners applications are closed at this time.

The Event Planners unit is responsible for managing and creating games or events that are open to Secret Service employees, allies and even the public. Events range from formal to just plain fun, as well as the fact that it promotes the Secret Service to the general masses. Events hosted by EP include in-base games like stab games, fridge races, higher or lower and many other exciting games. The Event Planners also host out-of-base games, as well as collaborating with other agencies to host games during special occasions. The Event Planners unit is also in charge of the Event Calendar, which lists all of the upcoming events and meetings.


  • Events Planners are all about planning, organizing, leading and controlling events.
  • Ensuring all SS workers enjoy their moments in SS.
  • Helping reduce the gaps between Lower Ranks and High Ranks+ is one aim of this unit, “communication is the key”.
  • Members of the unit are to work together – teamwork is the key to success.


Overseer (1iC): jolterbest

The EP Overseer is in charge of overseeing events and making sure that the events are completed on time. He is also in charge of helping out members with their tasks if needed.

Leader (2iC): Vacant

The EP Leader is in charge of helping the overseer. In the absence of the overseer, the EP leader immediately takes over as a temporary overseer. They are also in charge of assigning tasks each month.

Control (3iC): jerald525

The EP Control is in charge of disciplining members who cannot help with a task or does not notify the leadership beforehand. He is also in charge of keeping the members in check to make sure they are active.

EP Builders

Event Builders build rooms for games or events for the usage of SS members and the general public. They work behind the scenes to ensure that there are games readily available on a monthly basis, and make sure these games are working properly with proper wiring and functional designs so that there won’t be any issues on the day that the game is being hosted. They test games out with the EP Organizers and EP Progressors in charge of hosting the event.

EP Progressors

Event Progressors are the hosts for the games or events that are run in the Secret Service base itself or out-of-base games for both SS personnel and the general public. Event Progressors ensure that these games are run and operated smoothly without any hitches in the process. They will also instruct individuals on the rules and regulations before any game begins, handle any disagreements or difficulties that may arise during the game, and remove any trolls or idlers who attempt to disrupt or obstruct the game’s progress.

EP Organizers

Event Organizers plan and organize EP Events, and assist EP Progressors in hosting. Acting as a mediator between Progressors and Builders, they also advertise and manage the booking of events.

Requirements to Join

  • Must be in the Scouter division or above
  • Must be active in-game & on discord
  • Can meet deadlines given on time
  • Must have patience and good communication skills

Events Booking

EP Organizers and EP Leadership handle the event bookings. Before hosting, all events and meetings will go through the booking process through a form. Please take note of the following before requesting:

  • Check the calendar first if your desired spot is empty as taken slots will be rejected to prevent any collision of events. You may find it here.
  • Relevant graphics for the events are appreciated and will be advertised.
  • Bookings must be made at least 5 days prior to the event date, otherwise, they will be rejected.
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