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Bonus Pay Guide

A guideline on how to receive bonus pay.

What is Bonus Pay?

The Bonus Pay is a bonus reward given to members who make exceptional efforts in base.

Members can earn Bonus Pay given that they accumulate enough points and varies from promotions to passes such as pay passes and payban passes.

How to earn points?

To earn points, members need to fill a station.

Every 5 minutes, two members get teleported to the point rewards room, and as they enter the teleport they need to sit down and wait 30 seconds to add a point to the scoreboard.

After that, they return back to base to fill a station and earn more points.

Fill a station. Every 5 minutes, a member will be teleported.

After being teleported, enter the teleport.

Enter one of the teleports. When a room already has 15 names, choose a different teleport. If you are on mobile, you will not be able to view the scoreboard. Ask someone to come with you and check for you.

After you enter the room, step on the opened gate.
You will be teleported to the chair and the timer will start.
If you’re stuck or the timer is not working, you may say exit to reenter.

After 30 seconds has passed, your name will be logged in the scoreboard.
Return to base and fill a station to earn more points!
Note: Please use the SAME teleport to record all your points.

Rules & Regulations

If you’re teleported before filling for at least 5 minutes, you must step away from the gate.

Points can only be earned until 1 day before the month ends. Points will be added to a public sheet afterwards.

Only the main account is allowed to claim the points. Any points that were claimed from your alternative account(s) will not be counted.
Note: All unused points will be carried forward to the next month.


Take note:

  1. All rewards can be stacked when requesting (as long as you have the points).
  2. Promotion rewards will be given by any Pay iCs at any time when the request is sent in #Bonus-pay-request.
  3. Pay or payban passes will be added automatically in the sheet.
Request for Reward
  1. Refer to the points that were added to the sheet when sending in your bonus pay request.
  2. Send in your request at #bonus-pay-request channel in SS server with the format pinned in it. Do also tag @Pay iCs to check your format.
  3. Request can be submitted in the channel only once a week during weekdays (Monday – Friday)
  4. Request is accepted once it is reacted by Pay iCs.

Format of request:


Head to the Help Desk if you have any further comments and/or questions regarding the Bonus Pay System!

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