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Points System Guide

Here in the Secret Service, we have incentives and bonus pays as well! Apart from alt incentives system (loading your alternate accounts in base/accumulated 3 hours OT during pay time), we now have bonus pays which are in the form of points system.

What is this system all about and how does it work?

Want to have more credits or perks? All you have to do is fill a station!

Every station from FTF, FTS, FTT, FTHD can give you equal chances to earn points. Every 5 minutes (by a timer hidden in base), one random member who is filling a station will be teleported to a teleporter that leads to SS Points Room to claim their points.

1. Fill a station
2. Get teleported to the teleport in base
3. Enter the teleport to the points room
4. Enter a random teleport and make sure the scoreboard wired is not full
5. Step in gate and wait 30 seconds for points accumulation
6. Return back to base, accumulate more and redeem rewards

Points collation reset time

Points accumulated on the wireds in each points room will be stored for a month. 

It will be reset before the start of a new month.


For more information: Visit the Bonus Pay Guide

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